Nkwusm Family

Steve Arca

I grew up in Ronan, Mt. My father's name was Jerry Arca from the Skokomish(Twanah) people of coastal Washingtion Puget Sound area. My mother is Alice Smallsmallsalmon of Ronan, Mt. My maternal grandparents were Mitch Smallsalmon and Mary Beaverhead Smallsalmon. I grew up hearing the language in my younger years but never really understood more than a few words and phrases. Although I have taken interest in learning the salish language I never seen results I experienced at Nkwusm Immersion school. I began work in Febuary of 2012 and have been blessed to learn what I have. As of August 2014 I am involved in Nkwusm school's adult language program. I consider it an honor to continue learning our language and to pass on what i accumulate to any who desires to learn. Shey u hoy