Nkwusm Family

Jackson Sundown Adams

I am 27 years old. My grandparents are Pat and Marlene Adams. My parents are Roy and Betty Adams. I grew up with my grandma and father on the farm where we raised cattle and horses. I started learning the Salish language in the summer of 2013, when I heard of an adult language job that taught the Salish language. I applied for it and was selected for the job. It is a nine month job that ends this september 15th, knowing that it was ending soon I learned that nkwusm was hiring. So, with wanting to continue with my learning of the Salish language I applied for the bus driver and maintenance job. When I found out that I got the job I was excited to know that I am able to continue learning the language of my people. I am well knowledged of our culture and I understand that the survival of my language requires learning so that I can pass it down to my children. That is what keeps me going in learning the language and culture.