Nkwusm Family

Echo Brown

Echo Brown (English/Seliš Reading Teacher)

ʔE pesyaʔ!! I was born and raised in Ronan, Montana. My family and I are currently living in St.Ignatius, Montana. In 2003 I met my husband Chaney Bell. We have five beautiful children ranging from ages 13, 10, 8, 5, 1. We both come from large families ourselves so of course we had to add our beautiful Labrador, (Swinumt). In my free time I enjoy reading, taking rides in the mountains, relaxing soaks, and visiting friends and family. I have obtained a BA in Elementary Education and also an AA in Early Childhood from Salish Kootenai College. I have worked in the teaching field for about six years starting my career at Head Start, Two Eagle River High school, then moving on to Nk̓wusm Immersion School (1 thru 3), And most recently teaching at Salish Kootenai College. My passion for the language came when I was invited to participate in a Language Cultural grant at the People Center in 2004. I was introduced to five amazing individuals and one incredible teacher. At the time I already knew I was going to become a teacher and was kindly invited into the Revitalizing the Salish Language crowd. I am very Blessed. Things I am most excited about working at Nk̓wusm Salish Language School are the KIDS, a dynamic team of teachers, and the mission and vision of the school!!!! It warms my heart when kids come in and share a hug, smile, or even that unspoken look. The leadership is very open and encouraging to all ideas and have set up an environment of success.